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CelebrateThank you for your business!You should be receiving an order confirmation from Paypal shortly.Exit Shopping Cart builds wash bays for trucks, buses, cars, heavy machinery, workshops and mines.

Innovative technology recycling water - low costs, low maintenance, no sewer connection.     Made In Australia

 Example of Blue Hydro DAF System Installation

Installation of HIPPO Truck Wash on site in Launceston, Tasmania

These photos walk you through the stages from bare slab to commissioning. 

 1. Transporting Hippo from Sunshine Coast, Queensland

   2. Arriving at SRT Logistics terminal, Launcestion

  3. The site slab ready for installation

 4. Back view of HIPPO layout

  5. Detail of optional hose ducting Back 

  6. Detail of optional hose ducting Front 

  7. Fine Tuning

8. Front View of Hippo Layout     

 9. SRT Trucks are washed using the HIPPO Waste Water Recycling System at the Launceston and Hobart Depots